Please review the following eligibility requirements to be sure that both your Organization and your Project meet the criteria for a grant from Impact100 Westchester.

Eligibility Criteria – Organization must:
  • Be a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization operating or proposing to operate programs for the benefit of Westchester residents and communities

  • Be in operation for at least 36 months prior to applying for this grant
  • Maintain 3 years of CPA audited, or reviewed, financial statements (as required by NYS)
  • Have total revenue between $250,000 and $25,000,000, excluding Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements
  • Not have received an Impact100 Westchester Transformational Project Grant payment in the past 36 months
Eligibility Criteria – Project must:
  • Serve residents of Westchester
  • Expend funds in Westchester
  • Be a new program, the expansion of an existing program or a capital project
  • Be transformational for the organization and/or those it serves

  • Have a plan for sustainability and assessment
  • Expend Grant funds within 24 months of the initial Grant installment

  • Not have allocated organizational overhead in excess of 15% of the Transformational Project Grant amount*

Impact100 Westchester will not provide Transformational Project Grants for:
  • Debt reduction, operating deficits, interim/bridge financing, or endowment funding
  • Individuals or private foundations
  • Activities that are religious, partisan, legislative or political in nature, such as advocacy work
  • Fund drives, annual appeals, fundraising events
  • General capital campaigns (unrelated to a specific project)

Consult the FAQ page for additional guidance.

* The Transformational Project Grant amount will depend on the number of members in any particular grant cycle and will be announced in early January. Organization overhead allocated to a project (referred to as “Allocated Organizational Overhead”) must not exceed 15% of the Transformational Project Grant amount.  For this purpose, we consider "Allocated Organizational Overhead" to include: rent, insurance, utilities and other facility costs, general staff salaries, supplies and other expenses which are allocated to the project but which will be incurred by your organization whether or not the project goes forward.

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