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2020 Core Mission Grants: Our Impact

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Core Mission Grant recipient

 6 Month Progress Report Highlights:

Community Resource Center

$30,000 Core Mission Grant


"Because of your support, Community Resource Center was able to literally save lives this year. Grant funds were used to help feed families with food vouchers, distribute funds for rental arrears and medical expenses, and provide critical social and legal services, as well as to continue giving hope through educational and workforce programs. This year, we could not have continued to help our county’s most vulnerable communities without you."

Jirandy Martinez, Executive Director

See CRC full report here:

$30,000 Core Mission Grant

"The Core Mission Grant allowed us to manage our shifting landscape from the early stage of the pandemic to the present.  Funds were used on:

  • Continuing the college counseling and summer intern program virtually. 
  • 30 new laptops for children living in homes with no technology 
  • Creating Virtual Waitlist events.  Six events were created to engage matches during this period of Covid and for those youth waiting for matches.  We’ve had scavenger hunts and virtual bingo.
  • Creating postcards and other direct mailings to increase our recruitment of mentors.  
  • Expanding clothing donation locations by increasing locations of drop-off bins and holding two lucrative and community-serving clothing drives. 

The funds had a direct impact in keeping our program moving forward so that we can continue serving our constituents."

Valerie A. Brown
Executive Director, BBBS
Vice President, FSW Programs

See FSW full report here:

Hope Community Services

$30,000 Core Mission Grant

Stay tuned.  Update expected soon.

Mt Vernon Neighborhood Health Center

$30,000 Core Mission Grant

"Impact100 Westchester’s Core Mission grant supported the purchase of cold storage units – refrigerators and freezers – for our Greenburgh Food Pantry. That provided us with the capacity to offer fresh produce to the hundreds of men, women and children who visit the food pantry every week. The Greenburgh Food Pantry has really been a spectacular success.

In less than 12 months of operation, we have served more than 21,000 men, women and children who experience food insecurity, and are distributing 5,000 – 8,000 pounds of food, every month.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Impact100 Westchester for your generous support."

David Salsberg
Director of Grants and Foundations
Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center, Inc

See MVNHC full report here:

Port Chester Carver Center

$30,000 Core Mission Grant

"The funds were instrumental in continuing our operations over the summer and fall months, as we learned to cope with the “new normal” and adapt to meet the emerging needs of our community. Impact 100 grant funds were used to assist Carver in meeting one of the most basic needs of our community, food security. The Carver Market, our food-pantry program, served 14,261 households between April 2020 and January 2021. This is equal to 53,149 children, adults, and seniors. The result is that thousands of families were fed during these unprecedented times."

Anne Bradner
Chief Executive Officer

See PCCC full report here:

 Westchester Medical Center Foundation SAAVE Program

$30,000 Core Mission Grant

 Stay tuned.  Update expected soon.

Boys & Girls Club of New Rochelle

$24,500 Core Mission Grant

"Funds were used to pay salaries of program staff upon reopening in September. They allowed us to close the gap between the end of PPP funds and the start of program revenue and public funding. Without the $25,000, we would have been challenged to pay our part time staff those first two payrolls of the new school year. These funds helped us rehire twenty-one of the people needed to staff the four program sites that opened in September. Consequently, more than 200 young people have been able to participate in our Remote Virtual Learning Centers and after school, thus allowing their families to return to work knowing that their children are safe."

Lutonya Russell-Humes
Executive Directory

See Boys & Girls Club full report here:

Cerebral Palsy of Westchester

$24,500 Core Mission Grant

"Impact100 Westchester’s generosity helped provide the resources to enable us to attain the following positive outcomes:

  • The residence communities have remained fully staffed at all times;
  • Staff who lacked their own vehicles received safe transportation support to get to and from work;
  • Residences have had sufficient healthy food and supplies;
  • Staff have had sufficient protective gear, including masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer;
  • Residences continue to be sanitized frequently to minimize the risk of infection;
  • Residences were provided with additional and enhanced technology and support to aid in remote communication and virtual services; and
  • Those living at the residences have been made to feel secure amidst the stresses of the pandemic."

Linda Kuck
Executive Director

See CPW full report here:

Greyston Foundation

$24,500 Core Mission Grant

"This grant has helped Greyston continue serving our clients, while limiting the disruption due to COVID. Since receiving this award in June, 116 clients have graduated the Workforce Development program and 36 people have secured permanent positions. As our partner in this life-changing mission, Impact100 Westchester helps individuals facing employment barriers a chance at financial security for them and their families – one of the best ways to help break the cycle of poverty."


See Greyston full report here:


Human Development Services of Westchester

$24,500 Core Mission Grant

"The IMPACT 100 Core Mission Grant allowed us to address costly COVID-19 protocols, purchase personal protective equipment for staff and insure clients in need had food security. HDSW serves over 3,000 Westchester County individuals and families and we have a staff of 90+employess, all of whom benefited either directly or indirectly from the Impact100 grant. The ability to have the funds required to retro-fit office spaces, establish sanitizing stations and COVID-19 protocols was a gift that will continue to offer benefits throughout 2021 and beyond."

See HDSW full report here:

YWCA of White Plains & Central Westchester

$24,500 Core Mission Grant

"With the strain on an already tight budget, the YWCA did not have extra funds to meet the added expenses necessary to ensure the wellbeing of our residents. Impact100 Westchester’s Core Mission Grant enabled us to maintain as healthy as possible environment. We were also able to provide appropriate cleaning to the common areas, purchase much-needed PPE, cleaning supplies, air filters, etc., and test visitors upon entry to ensure that our residents remained safe and healthy.

In a year that has been fraught with challenges, the time for “community” has never meant more. Impact100 Westchester’s support has aided us greatly in our efforts. Thank you for your generosity and for your faith in our mission."

Maria Imperial
Executive Director

See YWCA White Plains & Central Westchester full report here:

$24,500 Core Mission Grant

"The YWCA of Yonkers utilized the Core Mission Grant to assist our agency in funding three additional staff positions. The positions included one food pantry coordinator, and two food pantry drivers/laborers. The funding was also used to purchase equipment for the Childcare/Afterschool programs. We have increased food distribution from one day per week to three distribution days a week. The Core Mission funding also allowed us to expand our Afterschool program which traditionally ran afterschool hours. The expansion of the Food Pantry and Afterschool programs have greatly benefited our most vulnerable citizens and working families in Yonkers, NY."

Charlie Knight, Chief Operating Officer

See YWCA of Yonkers' full report here:

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