The Board of Impact100 Westchester is comprised of the Executive Board and all committee chairs. The Board is responsible for day-to-day management of all operations, including: membership, the grant process, finance, technology, communications, nonprofit outreach, education, community service and event planning.  The Advisory Council is comprised of past Board members and supports the Board, as needed.

Executive Board

Michelle Coleman, Co-President

Susan Bloom, Co-President

Vicki Adler, Treasurer

Lisa Goldberg, Secretary

Cindy Musoff, Membership

Samantha Schwam, Nonprofit Outreach

Roberta Shapiro, Technology

Committee Chairs

Anita Borkenstein, Advisory Council

Michele Budoff, Annual Meeting

Melinda Ganeles, Finance

Sherrie Greenberg, Communications

Cathy Harary, Hands-On Impact

Susan Myers, Nonprofit Outreach

Susan Newman, Technology

Lori Rotskoff, Nonprofit Outreach

Dina Shapiro, Finance

Jodi Siegel, Membership

Deborah Silverman, Membership

Lynn Sobel, Education

Laura Romeo Sobel, Education

Grant Review Committee Chairs

Ali Abrahms

Lauri Carey

Lisa Eisenstein

Julie Gerstein

Deborah LaPerch

Joanna Liebman

Andrea Meyer

Jane Petty

Rachel Rader

Joy Sadowski

Laura Stone

Shari Turell

Advisory Council

Michelle Beinhacker, Past Grant Review Chair

Leslie Blum, Past Grant Review Chair

Anita Borkenstein, Advisory Council Chair, Past President

Michele Budoff, Annual Meeting Chair, Past Events Chair

Claire Cohen, Past Finance Chair

Ellen Hoffer Cohen, Past Grant Review Chair

Sharon Douglas, Past President, Founder

Jill Greenspan, Past Grant Review Chair

Amelie Kraus, Past President

Margie Lewis, Past Grant Review Chair

Susan Mack, Past Grant Review Chair

Leslie Berger Mendell, Past Grant Review Chair

Susan Newman, Technology Chair, Past Treasurer

Elizabeth Troop Rothstein, Past Slideroom Chair

Donna Seife, Past Communications Chair

Nancy Stuzin, Advisory Council Secretary, Past Secretary

Copyright 2018.  Impact100 Westchester, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. P.O. Box 634, Hartsdale, NY  10530-0634

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