• Provide high-impact, transformational grants that benefit under-served populations
  • Raise profiles of lesser known organizations
  • Fulfill unmet needs in Westchester

Each year, the size of our Grant Fund is determined by the 100+ women who join as members.

By combining membership donations, we fund transformational grants to Westchester charities. 

Members choose their level of involvement. We rely on active participation to fulfill our mission.

Members can volunteer on committees, visit local nonprofits, review grant applications, perform financial due diligence or simply vote at the Annual Meeting.

Grant finalists are determined through a membership-run review and evaluation process.

Grant recipients are chosen by a vote of the membership at the Annual Meeting, where all members have an equal opportunity to meet the finalists and cast a vote.

Impact100 Westchester is a member of :

  • Women's Collective Giving Grantmakers Network, which supports the creation, development, and expansion of women's collective giving nationwide
  • Nonprofit Westchster, whose mission is to strengthen the impact, capacity and visibility of the nonprofit sector in Westchester County for a more just and caring community.

See our list of Grants Awarded to Date

Nationwide there are 40+ Impact100s

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